Wisconsin Legislature Unanimously Approves Industrial Hemp Bill

Wisconsin Legislature Unanimously Approves Industrial Hemp Bill

Wisconsin’s legislature has passed a charge to implement an industrial hemp pilot program. The step falls in line with other state plans and federal rules requiring that plants contain no more than 0.3 percent THC.

The step will need cultivators to get a national background check and permits license denials for people who were convicted of violating controlled substances laws. Growers will need to give GPS coordinates of this property where the industrial hemp is going to be increased. If any plant at the harvest tests greater than one percent THC, the whole crop would be destroyed, the bill says.

The step also enables higher education institutions to launch industrial hemp research applications.

State Rep. Dave Considine stated while he considers regions of the bill could be improved, he considers hemp is ” “a part of Wisconsin’s agricultural future.””

“Farmers and citizens across our state are learning more about hemp and realizing that it could be a great opportunity for our agricultural economy,” he said in an Urban Milwaukee report.  “With this broadening support, there is no good reason industrial hemp should still be illegal in our state.”

The bill next heads to the desk of Gov. Scott Walker for his approval.